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The collaborative divorce process provides an avenue for you to resolve your divorce in a cooperative, interest-based, solution-oriented manner without litigation so that you are not turning over the most important decisions of your life, your family, your finances, and your future to someone else.  


If you and your spouse are willing to work together to resolve your issues without court intervention, the collaborative process provides you with the tools and path to do it. During this process for divorce, you will work with trained professionals who are adept at guiding you to a fair resolution in a supportive environment. You will not be a “party” to your divorce.  Instead, you will be a participant in a process to determine what happens to you, your spouse, your family, your finances, and your future.  This is a process that involves education, cooperation, transparency, respect, and hard work. 


A collaborative agreement results in a more peaceful environment that engenders honesty, creativity, openness, respect, cooperation, and courtesy. During the process, each person learns imaginative ways to address their concerns in a manner that is beneficial for all parties. In addition, the process improves the ability of each spouse to co-parent through the building of skills like communication and trust.